Freelanship 2.0

Pre-packaged full-stack marketing gigs

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Hola PH! Today, I'm super excited to announce that I've re-launched Freelanship. You'll find 30 pre-packaged gigs - all related to marketing - from building a responsive WordPress website to hiring an editor to manage your blog. If you want to learn about why I created Freelanship [and the reason I did it this way], please refer to my blog post on Medium: All freelancers are handpicked and carefully vetted by me personally. I have personal relationships with all of my freelancers on the site so you can rest assured that they'll deliver. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Lauren =)
@laurenholliday_ SO sorry to troll here. In what order are your services listed? Would be good to filter. Lastly, the last sentence under Explainer Videos is incomplete - even missing a period. :-)
@stephenalan So I'm working on the order! I agree - we need easier filtering!
I love the idea of a "Curated" network of services like this. Beats trawling through hundreds of services from thousands of freelancers on other sites.
This looks really amazing! glad you made it :)
I love the price transparency and the format, what a stellar idea!
@laurenholliday_ I think you're on to something. Afraid that this catches on and the curation of teams becomes viral. Curious what your 3.0 solution would entail.
@stephenalan I like the way you describe it "the curation of teams." Agile talent is definitely the future, but I'm not sure how soon it will blow up.
@laurenholliday_ I see this as a virtual BNI. And these days everyone wants to curate. Just like our best customers come from referrals, our best "partners" come from quality partners/vendors. That network is the key and the strength of that network is what we all want to leverage. Agile talent is big, but that curation is something I wish you could protect as an idea...
@stephenalan As do I!!! Curation is more important than people think.