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Freelandr is the place to to find quality on-site or remote freelance jobs and contracts.

I am a freelancer and struggled a lot the past years to find quality, long term, interesting freelance contracts. I was always looking at various boards without success and the place is full of small, low paying gigs, so I build freelandr out of this need.

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How do you currently source these listings @voutzinos?
@amrith Hey! It depends on the platform: REST APIs or web scrapping.
Do you have moderation process to sort out which job posters will be high quality posters?
@cloudlight Not yet but it's a good idea! The cost to post already filters some of them
Are you going to address the blatant rip off of Freelancer vs Freelandr? It's only a matter of time before you end up with a cease and desist.
How is this different from Upwork?