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I’d like to help you build a web presence that does the following:

1. Generates leads (email addresses of people who have opted in to hear from you) at every possible opportunity

2. Builds trust with and demonstrates your expertise to site visitors

3. Integrates with your larger lead generation system

4. Is easy for you to build and maintain


Maikel Markx


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Viraj Khatavkar
Viraj KhatavkarMaker@virajkhatavkar · Web Developer. Handcrafting
Hey, this is Viraj. I have always struggled with generating quality premium leads from my website. I used to be a generic do it all freelance shop. But as I struggled more, I learned quite a lot of things which I have put together in this email course. This course is ideal for: - Someone who wants more leads and conversations with prospects - Smaller firms or a solo consultant, not for larger firms - If you are drowning in leads or a very large firm, then you will be better served by a different approach to your site. This course is most compatible with a specific mindset. If you think of your services as a general-purpose input that can be applied to a very broad variety of challenges across a very broad range of clients, then you are thinking of yourself as a commodity and the web presence and marketing approach I recommend will seem strange and uncomfortable to you. If that’s you, don’t bother reading further--the website approach I recommend here will not match your mindset and I don’t have one that will. On the other hand, the type of web presence I recommend here is a great match for someone who has a clear understanding of the narrow range of business problems where their technical skills create a strong ROI. If that’s you, onward!