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Hey Product hunters, excited to launch the Freelance Stack! It's incredible how many different tools freelancers rely on. When you're a business of one, you're responsible for your own marketing, accounting, legal, etc, not to mention the tools to do your actual work. Our users kept pinging us for recommendations on different tools, so we compiled those recommendations into a resource for the community. We were also inspired by other awesome products like @bentossell's Marketing Stack. Feel free to upvote tools or submit any that we missed!
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@matttbrown Nice... another one to add to the collection! I said this last week/week before (I lose track).... its interesting to see companies put together their curated collections. Obviously users will assume that there is a hidden agenda behind them pushing their on services. I see Bonsai on the top of the Invoices section ;) Honestly I don't have a problem with it. I think it comes down to the whole adding value. If people find your curation useful which has plenty of other tools for all sorts of uses then why not have your site on there?! I recently advised a family friend with putting together a curated directory for his business... (it's not techy so it's not going to be overkill guys, relax).
@bentossell @matttbrown Bonsai is listed all over the site. Header, footer, "sponsored" links. I do like the voting option which isn't present on other curated lists, but not sure how I feel about the hidden agenda.
@mattpickle_ @bentossell @matttbrown It doesn't feel like a hidden agenda, it feels like great content.
@gpat_uk @mattpickle_ @bentossell Definitely no hidden agenda! Bonsai has legal and invoicing tools, so we put them on the list along with everyone else's, and users voted as they saw fit. It has our header and footer on it because it's hosted on our site :) The list has few hundred tools and our (relevant) tools are just two of them.
@matttbrown This is awesome. Great to see Mobile Patterns on here too. One quick thing though, Venmo isn't meant for businesses to use. So you can't use it to pay for goods or services. Sorta the whole point behind http://paynote.io. See here for more info. https://help.venmo.com/customer/...
No issues with Bonzai being all over it, here. You guys put together a fantastic free resource, you should get leads and purchases through if you're the right fit for a visitor. No one has a gun to their head to buy from you. And seriously, this resource is fan-freaking-tastic. If you put this kind of love and attention into a free resource, maybe I should be checking out your product.
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Great job here on everybody's part. This shows how to deliver massive value to the audience Will bookmark and return often
Really like the design.
Hey Matt this is a great list! Going to save us a lot of time this week as we were actually looking for a list of tools used by Freelancers as potential partners for our site. Which I also think would make a great addition to your list :) https://www.producthunt.com/tech...