Freelancer Rate Calculator

Calculate your day and hourly freelance rate

Calculate your day and hourly freelance rate from your desired annual income.
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Hey there Product Hunters! A few weeks ago I launched Lancerlist, a platform for finding freelancers in your city. One issue many freelancers have when they start out is they don't know what rate to set. Setting your rate can be hard and while I recommend you do research into other freelancers rates in your city, another way can be to reverse engineer it from your desired annual income. I've therefore built this calculator, it's meant to be a rough guide, not definitive and you can play with the parameters. Have fun!
@madebycrevans love the simplicity. Would be cool to have a feature that modifies it based on the cost of living where you live.
@madebycrevans Congrats on the launch! well done
Cool calculator. Does it account for social security / taxes? I mean the gross income of a freelancer should be always higher than the equivalent gross income for an employee , considering that when hired a company covers some costs. That’s the hard part to calculate and I wonder if your calculator covers that or not.
You should include tax. so the question is: How much do you want to have after tax?
Very simple but helpful! 😊
Very cool!