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#3 Product of the DayJanuary 07, 2020
Working as a freelancer doesn’t mean working alone. We want to make it easy for you to find the perfect collaborator — that’s to say, get job offers easily.
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tl;dr — It is NOT another freelancer marketplace. It's a freelance directory, from freelancers to freelancers, ONLY. With my team, we believe in finding opportunities & collaborations thanks to a network of freelancers - without any commission fees. How many times did you look for someone to collaborate on a project that required specific skills? Or because you were already busy with other clients? What people usually end up doing is posting on social networks: Hey, I'm a graphic designer looking for a wordpress developer for one of my client. Is anyone interested? * waiting a few minutes * * Storm of thousands of freelancers you can't actually trust because they come from nowhere. * The aim of your platform is simply to put people in touch. Freelancers are then responsible for establishing their own connections, agreeing on prices, deadlines, etc, without interference from us. We are developers, graphic designers and marketing experts, but all freelancers are welcome in our growing community! We're open to all freelancers and are happy to welcome you. The idea behind it is pretty straightforward: the more people register, the easier it will be to get new job opportunities. For free. Curious about this independent community? Sign up in a few clicks and/or drop us a line! https://www.freelancer-directory...
@pierre_poizat By that definition you've built a secondary marketplace for jobs freelancers take from other platforms like UpWork, but don't have the skills required to complete the job. Wouldn't you rather they get the work from within the directory? Personally as a designer I would hate to have to transfer all project materials to another platform; I would rather just share it with a collaborator like a google doc. There seems too be a PM module in the Inyo site as well, why is that separate (separate login)? Couldn't that just be the place where freelancers collab on a project? Thoughts: - Provide a Primary marketplace/job board for those hiring but are not freelancers. Ideally you could have positions that need to be filled per job like JS developer and Layout designer so people with those titles could easily filter for them. You could also auto notify anyone with a specified job title based on the positions needed to complete the job. - Provide a collaborative project management space - Provide a Secondary marketplace/job board for freelancers to hire other freelancers, like a collab board.
@v_s_design Great feedback and thoughts, thank you! Actually, this is a first version of the platform and it will evolve. I think you have pretty well explained what we want to do in a close future : )
Congrats Pierre !
@yannis_flex Thank you Yannis, I hope to see you soon on the platform as a freelancer!
Amazing !!! Best feature ever !!
Unbelievable! Nice product!
I think this would be very useful for so many people. I appreciate that its a directory to help put people in touch. Will definitely be checking this out.