Freelance Leads 2.0

High quality project leads for freelancers

Freelance Leads 2.0 is a highly curated set of leads sent to you - which you can then contact and get work. These leads appear on your dashboard and are also emailed out. These leads are added when they are found, so your dashboard will be constantly filling up with them.

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Hey everyone! I come from a freelancing background like a lot of you. One of the hardest parts is finding work. When I started I found this very difficult - searching online forums - everywhere for that "golden" piece of advice on how to get more work. In the end I actually learned over time that job boards where my friend. Although most are full of low paying work, I actually found a small percentage are really great projects. Being able to skim job boards and find these helped me grow a massive freelancing career. Now I have turned to this project - to help freelancers who are struggling like I was. Using this knowledge I have built up over years (and I mean years) - I have created a website which does it all for you. We skim over 240 job boards and then manually curate the list we get back. Meaning we can send you ultra high quality project leads. Oh, and thanks to the guys at for helping set this up. I am online all day to answer any questions or enquiries you have. Why not give me a shout?
@mbrennanni How you'll be protecting freelancers from troubles like receiving money, other default freelance-related-issues?
@arthur_tkachenko super question! To answer it I need to give you a run down of how it works. Basically, we are a โ€œmatch makingโ€ service - in that we find projects and give freelancers all the information they need to contact the client. It is then up to the freelancers to get in touch with the client. One of the biggest issues freelancers have is having to work by job board rules. With our service, we send you 15 high quality project leads a week and then you contact them via email (with a proposal or start a discussion). You can use your normal method of contracts, payments etc.. Hope that answers your question! ๐Ÿ˜€
@mbrennanni @arthur_tkachenko They don't. They 'just' find us a handful (or two) curated leads a week, sparing us the hassle of going the x hundred job boards they scrap / skim. The rest... is up to us ๐Ÿ˜Ž
@mbrennanni How do I know what you're offering is worth 99 bucks a month ? ๐Ÿ™ƒ
@arthur_tkachenko @elfitz_ Exactly. We save you literally hours every day searching for projects. The leads, are ones that I would normally apply for as a freelancer myself - so I believe they are very high quality. Here is a sample of one of our older leads with a PDF - I admit, that is one of our "higher end" leads (most don't have a PDF), but when we look through our skimmed list of leads, we only ever use about 1% of them and throw away the "rubbish". Hope that helps!