Freedom to focus on what matters most.

Freedom blocks distracting websites and apps, or the whole Internet across all your favorite Mac, Windows, and iOS devices, so you can focus on what matters most.

Choose what you want to block, select for how long and on what devices, and voilà!

Experience the freedom to focus on something worthy of your time.

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Working for me so far - love the fact you can schedule blocks in advance and recurring
@helencrozier Thank you Helen for being an early adopter and advocate of Freedom!
Hi! My name is Fred and I'm part of the team behind Freedom! We've been helping make technology less distracting for people since 2008 (believe it or not!) - and Freedom is the newest iteration of our product. With Freedom, we enable to people to manage distractions across all their devices from a single point - so you can block distractions across your computers, phone, and tablets. Our goal with the product and company is to improve the way we interact with technology, by giving people back control over their technology. We're still very much in beta - but we're super excited to be on PH and happy to answer any questions you might have.
I need this! I used a number of similar tools for the laptop; but with the proliferation of mobile apps (and the accompanying notifications), it became difficult to focus on meaningful work again. Using Freedom and perhaps batch processing social media at allocated times (as in the Four Hour Work Week), should help produce creative work and stay on top of the connected world.
I need this :)
It seems like I needed to signup before I could compare their plans. For anyone else interested, the basic (free forever) plan includes: Blocking the Entire Internet, Blocking 2 Distracting Sites, and is Limited to 1 Computer. Their Plus ($24/yr) and Premium ($45/yr) plans offer more advanced features.
@rajington Thanks for checking us out! We are still in a limited beta and do want to get our plans on the home page (that is coming with our next update). Our Free version allows you to block distractions on one computer, the Plus version allows you to block distractions across multiple desktops, it includes an advanced scheduler, in-app controls, etc. The Premium extends the service to iOS and Android. Thank you!