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When I first started managing a small creative team, we tried about a dozen flavors of PM software. They were either too light (Hive, Waffle), too complex (Teamwork, JIRA, Smartsheet), or too expensive (Asana). Freedcamp was a silver bullet: free (or low-cost if you want some add-ons), a rich feature set, and light enough to not be a project in itself. My one complaint was the design: it felt a bit clumsy. This redesign hasn't pushed to Asana-levels of brillaince, but it's a big step forward.
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@agrizzlyadams Thanks for the post. And amen! We've all wanted a redesign for a while. While starting this new version it turned out pretty challenging to find the perfect solution for our flexible system. In the end we're proud with this new interface. Some cool news, while we spent weeks finalizing bugs because of the major rewrite, we started building V3.1. It has some exciting features, ajax view task in the list page, quickly add kanban cards, and more. We can't wait to release it after the new design has been thoroughly tested by our user base.
@agrizzlyadams @agrublev That ajax view task in list page and quick add kanban cards is #1 on my list for improvements on freedcamp! That's the only thing keeping me half on Trello at the moment, incredibly quick to view + add tasks. Thanks for the update!
@agrizzlyadams @patrickbolle not to worry, the features are already built. Once the dust settles we'll launch 3.1.
We're excited to be on PH. Please if you have questions, suggestions, or just want to say hi... don't be shy. We love our users and are always here to talk with you about anything.
Freedcamp has been my secret sauce for getting shit done and raising awareness across the business on projects, initiatives, and deadlines. The user interface, the notifications, the ability to respond via email and inject comments into the projects, just freaking brilliant. Keep kicking ass and taking names. Love your product!
@supamerz You are too kind 😊
I've been using Freedcamp for 2+ years. It's great! Absolutely love the Kanban view of tasks, and the ability to set up project phases. You'd be surprised how few project management apps have this ability — so simple yet so effective.
Love the redesign, Freedcamp is for sure my favourite project management tool.