Open source empire-building game inspired by Civilization

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Another free open source remake of a classic built by a passionate community. Source files can be found here and you can play it on the web here
@flarup Yeah, it's interesting to see all of these springing up. It's also, like, totally illegal, right? I don't want to take anything away from the effort, but it seems like they could all be shut down at any moment.
@russfrushtick @flarup Im actually not sure about the legality of these things. Some of them require the official game data (the Transport Tycoon one had it optionally for the music). In this case, I don't believe they are using any of the official assets, so I doubt that it's straight up illegal. Many of them have lived on for ages under continual development, so it doesn't seem like it's in the crosshairs of the IP holders.
I used to love Civ, gonna give this a try.
Diehard Civ fan. Free Civ isn't as good as the real thing but for mobile app is does the trick!