Easiest way to share availability across calendars for free

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Ryan Lelek
Michael Heath
  • Ryan Lelek
    Ryan LelekPeople First, Tech Second

    Works with Fastmail, customizable link, great preference settings


    Can take a few minutes to update (to be expected)

    So far, so good!

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Stefan Negritoiu
Stefan NegritoiuMakerHiring@stefann42 · Founder & CEO,
Hi folks, send me your feedback and feature requests. We're working hard to integrate with many services to make your free/busy view as accurate and smart about your meeting preferences as possible.
RocketClub@rocketclubco · founder, RocketClub
@stefann42 awesome app, very useful for scheduling meetings
Adam Herscher
Adam HerscherHunter@adamjh · Product Manager, Google
My friend Stefan whipped up FreeBusy to solve coordination headaches when scheduling meetings. It works across most major calendars (not just Google) and supports linking multiple calendars (work, personal, school, Facebook) for a complete availability view. You can easily control which contacts have access to your schedule, without the overhead of sending out individual access links. I dig it – hope you do too.
Ryan Lelek
Ryan Lelek@ryanlelek · People First, Tech Second
Thanks for supporting FastMail @stefann42
Stefan Negritoiu
Stefan NegritoiuMakerHiring@stefann42 · Founder & CEO,
@ryanlelek I'm glad it's useful!