Rebook cancelled or delayed flights on any airline

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I invested in this company because during my 7 years working on the sales team at Facebook I was traveling to see advertising clients 100+ days per year and always ran in to delays and cancellations (especially in the winter since I was living in NYC and Boston). Most airlines will only allow you to re-book ON THEIR OWN flights if your original flight has a travel interruption (cancellation or long delay). Because I had to wait for the next flight from the same airline, the soonest I could get to my designation was usually much later in the day or, more likely, the NEXT day. I loved the Freebird idea when I first learned about it because there is likely another flight on a DIFFERENT airline going to your destination sooner than when you would be able to get there on your original airline. So, if my United flight is cancelled, I can just use Freebird to walk over to the Delta terminal and hop on the very next flight without needing to buy another full priced ticket.
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@kevincolleran Thanks Kevin... we're excited to have you as an investor! Although we never like to hear travel horror stories, it's what keeps us motivated. Our mission is to empower travelers to have better travel experiences.
Love this idea.
Nice idea. How will you get people to come to you for each flight since you have the disadvantage of not being part of the purchase flow? Maybe integration with email so you can suggest insurance for each new flight that the customer has booked?
@hey_arne Hi Sarah... great suggestion. Ultimately we want to be a "check-the-box" everywhere airline tickets are sold. Today we operate as a stand-alone website, but we're looking to form partnerships so customers can purchase our services even more quickly and easily. Email is another great way of interacting with potential customers who are traveling, but most people have concerns about privacy. We're still exploring ideas and are open to suggestions!
At first I thought I was buying 'credits' for using against flight delays at any point (I was hoping it'll be a monthly/annual subscription model of some kind). Turns out you need to specify your itinerary and this is essentially tied to just that itinerary. Pretty much a gamble (much like insurance like @iambarronroth mentioned) but I like how it doesn't throw 100 clauses that would not allow you to use it - like rain/maintenance/other factors in delays etc.
@sarthakgrover Thanks Sarthak. We keep things simple with one goal in mind -- to get you to the people and places that matter!
Great idea and love the design.