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#1 Product of the DayOctober 12, 2015
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Freebiesjedi is a curated collection of high quality icons, fonts, themes, PSD file, HTML templates, and other design resources from around the web. Also checkout Psdd.
The thumbnails design is so similar to the Dribbble thumbnails design that I forgot I wasn't in Dribbble :-O
@chusmargallo Well the whole site is a dribbble Clone :P
really cool of you, thanks for these :) I think the "?ref=producthunt" tag is interfering paging. It's persisting between the root path and "/page/#/"
This is awesome! The name also looks like someone just mashed the keyboard too - which is pretty hip 😎
I read it as "Frisbees", as in "discover and download useful frisbees everyday". Haha 😜 That is all. Great collection here!