Freebiebucket is helping to solve finding free tools and resources issue for makers.

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Hey ProductHunters! 😻 You know, as an indie maker, one of the hardest parts of making products are costs of tools and resources. We've developed a product called Freebiebucket to help solve this part. In different twenty-one categories, have 300+ free tools and resources (Some of them are partly free). And we are adding new tools and resources day by day. You can signup to Freebiebucket and submit a tool or resource. Your submissions will be published after our approval (For content consistency 🙈). Curated by makers to makers, enjoy. And feedbacks are welcome! 🙏
@mucahittutuncu Looks interesting, but I got errors when attempting to submit a new resource.
@tweetfrog What's your username? We'll check the problem. 🐛
@mucahittutuncu you have a loooot of tools, glad that icons8 is there. You could add — there is a free plan, but I am paid user and love it
@mucahittutuncu Getting Account Suspended error on accessing domain now
I like the tiled design, it makes browsing a category of products quite easy and clear. My only qualm right now is the one line descriptions! When browsing through the tiled product display nearly every single product description is truncated. I don't get a good sense of what the product actually is that way and it is annoying to have to click on every single product just to get a quick idea of what it is about. But other than that it's a good resource and I prefer using this over some of the competition because I think it offers a cleaner and quicker UX. Good luck guys!
@ed67184262 Hi! Thanks for your feedback. We're working on it.
Great name! Straight to the point. How did you build it? How long did it take? What is your inspiration for building?
@dredurr It took nearly six months with the gathering of content. We could not find a curation that met our needs and contained the tools we really used and then we said, “Why don’t we build?” :)

For some of the OSS I wonder are the tools still being developed? I get minimalism but it really just feels very bare.


Tools I haven't seen on NoCode


Should have more information, reviews, etc.

Sounds like something for me :P