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It's a massive resource. You probably read the article on Medium. :)
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@v4violetta @bramk thanks guys! Now I know what happens when you go to bed in Singapore and find your website on PH the next morning :) It's actually from that Medium article I had written in January that started going viral strangely in mid-Feb and got around 600K hits all of a sudden: http://bit.ly/1DiSqCn I just put all those resources on a Squarespace template on http://freebie.supply , hoping to update it regularly. If anybody wants to do sth about it, just let me know as I am currently blocked with some other projects. Here are also few words I had written about the story behind it: http://bit.ly/19web9c Thank you! Feels so great to be on PH!
Great work on getting this out @meseali. I love it and a big thanks for featuring my project http://www.producthunt.com/posts... in there :D
Hmm - I was able to access the website earlier but now all I see is a blank page. Anyone else?
@nhbschr no clue what happened during the night but looks like it's working now? It's on Squarespace.
@meseali Yep! We're all good now! Awesome project, and thanks!
@nhbschr thanks for the heads up! Cheers!
Very well curated! Nice job.
Update 15 min later : It seems that work now... / "the link does not work... :-("
@fabs_31 Which link does not work?