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The UTM link manager is a free online software to create, save, and monitor UTM links. It comes with a dashboard including all UTM link data in one place. Although the use of UTM links is very common in marketing, their management is still rather archaic, with spreadsheets and error-prone formulas. We want to offer a free and simple tool to create UTM links in a fast and safe fashion. Looking forward to your feedback.
I've seen a few versions of this internally... often powered by Google sheets or Excel
This seems really great! One question - it seems like I can only use the main domain as the link? I tried to create one for a subdomain and it wouldn't allow me to. Am I missing something?
@howiezisser Subdomains can be managed if they are running under the main domain - e.g. https://test.example.com if your project domain is example.com. Furthermore you can add a new project/domain by clicking on the database icon in the top-right corner. That's also the project switcher. Hope that helps. Feel free to drop us a line through Intercom if you need further assistance.
Great job, @janos!