Free time calculator

How much free time do you have remaining?

Tool to calculate and visualize the 'free time' remaining in your life.

This helps put into perspective sensitivity to things like working hours, commute, etc and how those factors stack up into a big time sink over long periods.

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Interesting product, made me think about how I can use my time better. Helps to put life into perspective too.
@asher_harris Thanks! Glad you found it interesting.
I like this. It's like RescueTime with more depth. You might want to consider hosting this on URL like This would do well as an iOS + Android app.
@davidjlowe Thanks. I was thinking of dropping it into its own site, but I already have so many URLs at the moment :p If I can think of a way to make the product sticky (instead of just an interesting calculator) then would pursue that.
@erood20 How about asking people what category they want to have more time with and then creating an algorithm that allows them to reclaim that?
@davidjlowe Hmm, yea I could definitely see that being interesting, appreciate the feedback!
@davidjlowe more depth than Rescuetime? Ok..
@leon_calcutt Are you familiar with RescueTime?
This is so depressing hahaha.
@izzydoesizzy The key is to find enjoyment in the 'busy' pockets :) (while minimizing them where you can)
Very interesting, with a very nice visualization of results. One thing to consider is changing the hour counting to daily-based instead of week-based, I had to do unnecessary calculations to present a realistic result. Another thing would be to separate weekdays from weekends, since they probably have very different schedules, and let the code do it's magic of merging both.
@rodrigoom I kept everything weekly as I know there's some variability on the weekends, so wanted to allow folks the ability to account for that by entering a weekly total. Definitely agree splitting things out by weekday vs. weekend (then cutting to daily #) would be a better approach. Thanks for the feedback!
Nice idea, however I don't want to know that :D