Free Time 2

Easily share your availability

Besides for making it EASY TO SHARE your free time this app also makes it easy to see HOW MUCH free time you do or dont have :)
@msg Looks great, thanks for sharing. Love the clean design. The second point (showing free time) is even more relevant, as I never actually realize how much free time I have every day.
@aleks_muse @msg this is definitely the leading focus for us. People *sometimes* share availability but they always want to SEE their availability. We tried to make that super easy and flip the way people typically think about their calendar.
Hey Product Hunt! Thanks @msg. Happy to answer any questions you have about the app and how we made it. I've been thinking about this space for a long time!
@scoober awesome stuff! Well done, sir.
@raizlabs do you see your users using this mostly for business or personal reasons?
@brianliebler honestly both, but I think its mostly for the "on-the-go" use case and to really get a clear sense of how my day is going to be. I use Free Time every day to see how much time I have for projects at work. As for sharing availability, I use it in combination with a link to a public Google Calendar page for my availability that I send when I'm at my desk and on Gmail. If I'm on the go or texting back and forth, I use Free Time to send plain text availability. Longer term we may think about a Mac app, and other platforms.
@Raizlabs - does this integrate with other calendars? (iCloud, Google Calendar, Outlook) or do I have to manually populate my availability and use this as my primary calendar?
@adamscochran It integrates with all of the calendars. If you have any of those synced with iOS, you can use Free Time. No need to switch over, no accounts, no logins, all you have to do is give the app permission to read your calendar and it can read and write to every calendar you have on your phone.
@scoober Awesome - I'm sold!