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Hey there, I built FSC with a couple of goals in mind: First, a very straight forward and easy user experience. Second, an inexpensive(free!) option: similar tools run for around $250 per month, and lot of users only need some of the basic features. Would love to hear any feedback/criticism you may have!
@willewallace I was wondering why similar tools were so much more expensive in comparison. Maybe because they provide detailed analytics data? Does your tool also provide that?
@nikkielizdemere Correct. Their main draws are things like GA integration, mobile support (which we just added), ability to customize the surveys even further e.g. with custom colors. However, their cheap tiers place low limits on uses and have their logos embedded on the widgets to entice you to upgrade. We offer a light-weight survey for unlimited use, and will be adding all of the extra goodies soon.
@willewallace Awesome. There's just so much in the way of Customer Development and Optimization that you can do with this kind of tool and eventually everyone will realize it. :)
@willewallace - I was just in the process of considering implementing the "other" more expensive tool, but this is awesome. My view is that you should charge for this - even if its just $5 p/m. Like any product, it will weed out the real customers vs the ones that are not serious. Plus it will help you pay your hosting bills and over time it could add to your side income. Well done Will.
@willewallace Small world, what are the chances we make it to Product Hunt on the same day? War Eagle! This looks like an awesome tool. How long have you been working on this?
@SamuelRSolomon Small world indeed! I started working on it back in June after using qualaroo at livingsocial and finding it helpful but very overpriced. Released it Monday so it's got a ways to go but the reception has been positive thus far.
@willewallace Well, I may have to have you on Signal Tower sometime in the near future!
Always appreciate qualitative data tools.
This is a great alternative to services like Qualaroo - which seems effective but is just a bit too pricey for some to gamble on. Sometimes you just need basic feedback. I'm working on a site redesign for my company and I'll definitely be integrating this. It would be cool to see the FAQ code live on your homepage - you'd probably garner more feedback that way. I'm assuming you plan to use that to develop a paid tier in the future(?) Do you plan on coming in at a lower price point than Qualaroo when you do shift toward monetization?
Hey @stttories, The reason the widget isn't live on the home page, which is a good idea, is so that users don't get mixed up with the demo widget and the one they are manipulating to create their own. Perhaps I'll link to a demo outright though. Regarding a paid plan, I intend to pack in all the advanced features that Qualaroo would charge $250 a month for and charge around $30-40 for the same thing. I think that would be a good balance between paying my bills, and giving users a fair price.
@willewallace Take my money! I look forward to watching it grow :)
We took over the product from William, if you have any questions or feature requests , please let me know