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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
I was skeptical but this is actually pretty good. Here's a 5 sentence summary of a blog post I published yesterday, titled Giving Credit is the CEO's Job: Since Product Hunt began, we've acknowledged makers of products using an "m" badge within the product discussion. Until recently, makers had no ability to add their teammates to give them the same recognition. Thanks to Andreas, Lukas, Jonno, makers can now add others that helped them build the product, by simply clicking the "add teammate" button and entering their Twitter username. I hope this is just a reminder for most and I encourage you to give your teammates a hat tip on Twitter, Slack, or email right now.
Irving Torres
Freelance Designer
@rrhoover Skeptical at first as well but rather pleased now.
Brandon Lipman
Founder & Growth Marketer Redwhale
This is absolutely awesome.It has earned the first base position on my Bookmarks bar. The accuracy and efficiency of this is spot on. Thank you!
Joshua Ooi
Just tested this out and it seems to do a pretty good job. The sentences are not broken like the output of most summarizers. Cool tool to have in your toolbox.
Jason Shellen
Founder/Product leader
Pretty well done, any chance of an API for this soon?
James Brooks
Software Developer at Laravel
Nice! I wrote a JavaScript library that summarises text at I wonder what kind of algorithm you're using?
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