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#4 Product of the DayJune 11, 2017

Free Stock Images is not just an image source, it's leading source of handpicked free photos in Russia with thousands users around the world.

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Free Stock Images 手工精選免費圖庫,數十種分類高畫質相片素材下載用於找尋圖片素材的 免費圖庫我們已經介紹過不少,事實上數量並非重點,能否擊中使用者需求才是,因此我特別偏好手工挑選的圖片素材,例如之前推薦過的「 手工嚴選!Fancycrave 每日僅更新兩張圖片免費圖庫,CC0 授權可用於商業用途」或「 Foodshot 難得一見美食免費圖庫,手工嚴選高畫質食物相片下載每日更新」,後者以美食相關圖片為主。此外, Everypixel 搜尋引擎整合超過 50 個世界級圖庫,透過演算法幫你過濾出最適合用來作為插圖的素材。 本文要再來推薦一個手工嚴選圖庫「 Free Stock Images」,如果你的專案需要優質的攝影相片素材,網站也明白告訴你:你來對地方了! Free Stock Images 每天上傳、更新大量的高素材相片,一共有十多種不同的照片分類。 這些照片真正是人工挑選,沒有濫竽充數的內容,你可以透過分類來尋找最適合自己使用的相片素材,免費下載。 另一方面,Free Stock Images 採用非常易懂的授權方式,就我的理解其實就是 CC0 ,你可以放心將素材使用在任何用途,包括社群網站、印刷、新聞、專輯封面等等。如果你是愛好攝影的朋友,亦可將自己的照片提交到 Free Stock Images 讓其他人下載使用。 網站名稱: Free Stock Images 網站鏈結: STEP 1 如果你是直接打開 Free Stock Images,看到的會是俄文版,網站提供預設語系為俄語,可以從網站最底部來調整成英文。或者從上面鏈結進入看到的也應該會是英文版。 目前 Free Stock Images 只有提供免費相片下載,未來還會開放 免費圖示及 免費向量圖 。 點進去 Free Photos 類別後,首先出現的是最近更新的「新鮮」免費相片,大約 10 張,會經常性在素材更新後直接顯示於網頁上方,因此假如你經常返回網站來找圖的話,就能從這裡輕鬆找到最近更新的相片素材。 STEP 2 在最近更新相片的下方為熱門相片分類,包括動物、人物、商業、美食、大自然、建築、節日、運動、交通工具等等,點擊開啟後可找到所有分類下的相片預覽圖。 STEP 3 要如何下載相片原圖呢?很簡單,點擊預覽圖會開啟大圖,將滑鼠游標移動到網頁上,上方會顯示一排工具列按鈕,點擊左上角第二個「 下載 」圖示即可下載,取得原始圖片。 前面有提到 Free Stock Images 提供的相片皆為高畫質圖片,因此檔案還蠻大的,格式為一般的 JPG 格式,我隨意下載一張,相片尺寸是 4896 × 3264。




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Tudor Baidoc@baidoct · A Web & UI Designer
Wish I could understand something from the website
Oleg KuklinMaker@oleg_kuklin · Digital-marketer at
@baidoct There's English version of the website, but it's not quite ready) Hope for understanding.
Krishna De@krishnade · Social business & live video strategist
@oleg_kuklin Thanks for posting the English version of the site - for information I subscribed to the news letter on that page - but the email that came through was in Russian so I can not understand it - I was hopeing to subscribe to get a notification of when the site is live in English
Oleg KuklinMaker@oleg_kuklin · Digital-marketer at
@krishnade Thank you for your feedback! Yes, unfortunately, notifications are now only in Russian. I'm working on the English version of the website. I'll let you know when it's ready.
Krishna De@krishnade · Social business & live video strategist
@oleg_kuklin Thank you
Julien Ricard@jarnix · CTO, Webedia
@baidoct что блять не понимаешь ничего ? :)
Tommy Rowe@tommy_rowe · Director, Lightbox
Oleg KuklinMaker@oleg_kuklin · Digital-marketer at
@tommy_rowe Thank you for your feedback! Yes, another one) But now I collect new fresh photos, vectors and icons from new authors who upload their creativity works. Soon this collection will be available. It's completely fresh content.
Oleg KuklinMaker@oleg_kuklin · Digital-marketer at
Hey there Product hunt! I've just launched Free Stock Images, a new source of free high-quality images. Now, this resource is for Russian-speaking countries. Later, for everyone. I don't use A.I. or Neural Networks. There is only handpicked collection of free images Would love to hear your feedback, thanks!
Oleg KuklinMaker@oleg_kuklin · Digital-marketer at
For understand. In the Russian segment there is no resource with a free license photos, vectors or icons. Russian-speaking users have difficulties to use foreign resources. Therefore, the project was created. The collection is hand selected fully. There is also a submit. Authors can share their works and demonstrate their skills.
Richard Hayes@richardjjhayes · General SEO
Amazing! Thank you so much!
Oleg KuklinMaker@oleg_kuklin · Digital-marketer at
@richardjjhayes Thank you for your feedback!