Free Prints

Up to 85 4x6 free photo prints per month (pay for shipping)

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Okay seriously what's the catch (besides shipping)? Too good to be true
@imkevinxu @fotofactorydk Maybe inquire with @sfsooz since she has experience in having used the site. 😊
@imkevinxu It's all about a behavior forming model that will drive users to a high value perception zone.
Sounds crazy. Would read the small print with care.
"Free Prints’ big draw is right in the name—the app offers you 85 free prints per month, but only one print per photo. (Any additional prints of a single photo are 9 cents each.) Standard shipping is $2.99, to arrive in 5 to 13 days, or for another dollar they’ll get it to you in 4 to 6 days. My order of 18 regular 4-by-6-inch prints and one 5-by-5-inch print (of a square photo I took with Instagram) came to $4.48 once I chose the shipping upgrade. The photos look great, with bright color and natural skin tones. They were printed on glossy Kodak paper the same day I uploaded them, and priority-mailed to me the next day. I received them three days later." - @sfsooz From 7 apps for ordering photo prints from your phone.
Printage is better