Free My Desktop

Hides all the icons from your desktop with a click

Free My Desktop is a menubar app that with just one click hides all the icons from your desktop, the dock and the menubar. Available for free!

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I’ve been doing some screen recordings lately and I needed a way to quickly hide my desktop while recording and flip it back to visible once done in succession. I made this simple menubar app in under an hour, that can be toggled on and off by a simple tap. On top of showing and hiding the desktop, it also works for the dock and the menubar. 🙏 Let me know what you think and if you have any questions!
@valentinourbano thank you definitely using ! Reminds me of tidying my room by stuffing everything in the closet
@graeme_fulton that's a great analogy!
Congrats on the launch! 🎉
useful ! how do i know it's not a virus ?
@francoolaami Hey, it should be signed with my developer ID (also the app is notarized by Apple that can revoke it and block the app from opening if it would indeed contain a virus). The only warning popup that should appear is the one telling you that you downloaded this app from the internet. The app can't be in the Mac App Store due to Apple restrictions. Let me know if you have any question.
@valentinourbano cool. I've downloaded and used it before the answer. My question came by the fact there was no installer, it nor "copy to applications folder". I mean , super easy and fast but felt like a 1995 .exe install :) . You should put that info on your landing page
@francoolaami Yeah, it's something I made quickly and it's not packaged to today standards. I do agree. Will add it to the landing page, thanks 👍👍
@deadcoder0904 Thanks will check it out.
Awesome product! Have been finding myself in the need of something like this for a long time now. Already downloaded, works as expected :)
can be useful