Free McDonald's burger!

Scan McD's receipt to pre-fill survey code for a free burger

Bored to fill out the survey code from your McDonalds's® receipt? Use this app to scan and pre-fill the code for you!

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Hi Product Hunt! Ok, it’s not really free. McDonald’s has a “Buy 1 Get 1 Free Quarter Pounder” offer if you complete a short survey using the receipt from a previous visit. Sounds easy right? The problem Each McDonald’s receipt contains a 26-digit(?!?!) code which is awfully painful to enter in their website at Depending on your keyboard ninja skills, it could take a while to enter this code on a phone. The solution I built a tiny tool that will scan the receipt, use Optical Character Recognition(OCR) to retrieve the survey code and pre-fill the code in the McDonald’s survey site to get you started. That’s it! What makes this special? - You don’t need to download an app, all you need is a web browser - The receipt is processed on your device, it is not sent anywhere. - You can give away this free burger to someone in need! Use this sample receipt to try it out That’s all folks. If you find this useful, please share with others.
@sharathprabhal Does your app work in Germany too?
@howlerkate Great question! Currently, the app only scans receipts in english. If you can share a sample German receipt, I will add support for it. Thanks!
@sharathprabhal I will send you a German McDonald's receipt via mail soon 👍
@sharathprabhal Did you receive them? I also added a Burger King and Subway receipt. 😎
@howlerkate thank you so much! Will get started on it.

Neat example of how to build something useful that works on the phone but without the need to install an app.


no need to fill out long code, no app to install


doesn't fill the survey out for you, burger doesn't just show up at my house

Plans to open source? Could see something like this for a LOT of other products - surveys are on so many receipts.
@johnmurch This is a great question, I'm also interested.
@johnmurch @braunshizzle yup, planning on it. Based on how this is received, I plan to build a mobile app that can generically scan receipts for surveys and codes and opensource it.
@braunshizzle @sharathprabhal please keep it web based as do like the idea of visiting via safari/chrome and redirecting.
@nickabouzeid thought of you for this app 😄
@angeliquesocial Ahhh this is the best. Thank you 🙏
Every store I visit has a survey, so if you can figure out which receipt belongs to which store’s survey, then you are on to something big. Unfortunately I don’t eat at McDonald’s.
@rmagrino Thanks for the feedback!