Make beautiful invoices without having to sign up for anything.

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Create invoices quickly with this free tool. Functionality includes currency modification, discount, taxes, and more.
@Bogdanp How exactly are you generating the pdf?
@erictwillis There's a Scala backend that generates the PDFs based on the data it receives from the client. The PDFs are then made available for download for approx. 10 minutes, after which they are erased from the server.
I love products that request that I "go crazy" :-) Great work here! I occasionally have to send invoices and it's always a ridiculous process of finding a template on Word and then trying to edit it. I will be using this 100%!
I'll def try this out. I have been using Freshbooks and then they raised the rate on it. Invoicing is a pain but I don't really want to pay $20 per month to send only 4 invoices. Automating the process is super helpful in general. Thanks, Eric! is free as well and sends the invoices for you, keeps track of the status ( the other party can alter the status as well, e.g. 'marked paid' ) + book keeping - we switched all invoices over there and suppliers usually switch over as well