Free Invoice

Simple, beautiful mobile invoicing. 100% free 💸

Our team created this app to make invoicing simple and accessible. There are no complicated forms. No in-app purchases. Send beautiful invoices quickly and get back to building your business.


  • Samuel EricProduct Designer focused on FinTech

    Super simple signup, no annoying microtransactions


    None so far!

    Just downloaded the app and created my first invoice. Recipient received a professional looking invoice almost instantly.

    Samuel Eric has used this product for one day.
  • Max TopiolMarketing Intern

    Easiest and best app to use! Also from a reliable fintech business.



    Would highly recommend, I've only just started using it and my life is already so much easier.

    Max Topiol has used this product for one day.


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Justin AdlerMakerPro@justin_adler1 · Co-founder & COO, NorthOne
Hi Product Hunt! We built this product to make beautiful mobile invoicing accessible and easy for 💪business builders💪. There are no subscriptions, no ads and no in-app microtransactions. It'll be 100% free forever.
Xue Ying@xue_ying1
This app is awesome! Makes my life much easier. Do you offer any other free tools like this?
Justin AdlerMakerPro@justin_adler1 · Co-founder & COO, NorthOne
@xue_ying1 so glad that you like it! We have a few other tools: 1) lets anyone incorporate a Canadian business for free (note, at least 25% of the owners need to be Canadian) 2) https://startupfinancialhealthch... has lots of free reporting templates 3) https://businessbankaccounthero.... lets you compare pricing on all major small business bank accounts in Canada
Felix Finn@felix_finn · Co-Founder, SourceMoz
This looks great. Good work.
Ferhan Patel@ferhanpatel
Great work team NorthOne. Love the UI.
AbadesiHiring@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
Hi there, will it be free forever? And any plans to integrate with payment processors? Thanks!
Justin AdlerMakerPro@justin_adler1 · Co-founder & COO, NorthOne
@abadesi it'll be 100% free forever! We won't be integrating with payment processes right away but it's on our roadmap for the medium term.