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We’ve created this eCommerce eBook because while we were working on the website of one of our customer we found out that there were hundreds of questions that an online retailer is probably asking himself every day. From the creation of the eCommerce shop to the customer care, SEO, checkout process and much more, online retailers have to master very different skills which can be really hard sometimes. Therefore, this eBook was made to help online retailers to face their everyday challenges thanks to very different tips from different areas covering the entire eCommerce world. We want this eBook to be a real partner of online retailers’ success or at least their bible in which they can find answers. It was an amazing experience to make this eBook, to exchange with various experts and see their different opinions when it comes to drive an eCommerce shop to success. Hope you’ll enjoy it and we would really like to hear from you in order to make next year edition even better :)
Thanks for the book, looks very helpful, already downloaded it.
@francovg_com Thanks for your download. I hope it will be helpful for you and please feel free to give us your feedback :)
Thank you to all of you who have downloaded our eCommerce eBook. It was a pleasure to talk to some of you and we hope this eBook will help you succeed in 2016! You can still give us your feedback :)
Just downloaded, looks great! Thanks for the hunt @jberrebi !
@marcaime Hope you'll like it! Our experts gave us their best tips to help online retailers. Feel free to give us a feedback!
The book is very useful. It would be even more cool if we could have brought it to live like podcast or vblog.
@buybox Something to consider indeed! Thanks for this idea.