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Still using Excel and Google docs as a checklist storage? Then try this new online tool.
1. Checklist runs.
2. Checklist reports.
3. Checklist versioning.
4. Execution time counting.
5. Easy access with unique links.
6. It's absolutely free.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Nice product, as improvements please take into account: Make the same users from qaprovider to access the checklist, ability to import/export checklists, to clone checklists, will be great to use ctrl+enter keys for everything. And also what I care is the confidentiality of the checklists, some data can be confidential, would be good to think how to make the user to trust the service. Thank you.
For writing and passing check sheets, your product is more convenient than Excel. But it would be nice to add a couple of features: - the ability to share a checklist - export checklist - connect other users to the passage of the checklist But overall - it's a very good product.
I am working as a test engineer for some organisations and we use Google docs as a checklist storage. Google docs have next disadvantages for me: - It is not possible to have an easy checklist execution with Google docs. - When I execute checklist with Google docs I usually go randomly and I forget what steps I have completed and what steps I haven't done. - I can go through checklist today, but my colleague able to modify it tomorrow. I will now know what exact step I passed. I did a tool that removes all these disadvantages. Try to use and help me do it better :)