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Eric Mann
Eric MannMaker@ericdmann · Director of Product Engineering, Kochava
Hi everyone! I'm the Director of Product Engineering at Kochava, and we're really excited to launch Free App Analytics. Free App Analytics is a cost-free version of the award-winning Kochava campaign measurement and optimization platform. With Free App Analytics powered by Kochava, advertisers have access to the analytic tools the pros use to measure, analyze and optimize campaigns across 2,400 global ad networks, including Facebook, Google, Pandora, Amazon, Twitter and Snapchat. In concert with the announcement of Free App Analytics, the company also introduced Kochava Intelligence, adding new advanced capabilities to the Kochava Enterprise platform for the most sophisticated marketers.
Kevin Cornbower
Kevin Cornbower@kcornbower · Co-founder, Digital Strawberry LLC
@ericdmann This looks fantastic! We're looking forward to trying it out in our next app. Can you explain the difference between Free App Analytics vs paying for Kochava? Whats the "catch"?
Eric Mann
Eric MannMaker@ericdmann · Director of Product Engineering, Kochava
Hey @kcornbower -- great question! While Free App Analytics includes the basic features for marketers of emerging apps, tier-1 features required for advertisers at scale are only available in Kochava Enterprise with a zero-impact migration from Free App Analytics to Kochava Enterprise. Free App Analytics provides the ability to start measurement today without the risk of changing vendors and tools in the future