Freddy Feedback is a widget to get feedback from your visitors and customers on anyting that you communicate to them on your website.
It's different in 3 ways: it's focussed, it has a modern and fresh design and serious value for money. And we have emojis 😍
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Hi Product Hunt πŸ‘‹, Update 1 The discount code FREDDY-PH has been extended πŸ˜„. Use it for 20% off, works for every plan including the pay-just-once Project Plan. Update 2 You can now sign up for a free trial, no credit card required. Update 3 We have launched webhooks so you can connect your customer feedback directly to your own application. Freddy Feedback is a tool to get feedback from your customers on your website. You can use it to get feedback on your product, features, pricing, blogposts, FAQs, docs and more. It was designed to be different than other tools in a few ways. 🎯 Focus We don't build many different tools, but focus on one. This results in a nice experience for your customers, and a simple dashboard for you (see pictures). 🎨 Design Many widgets have emojis in a style that we would rather not show... πŸ₯΄ And a 'powered by' label is good for our growth, but we don't think it's nice to show to your visitors and customers, so we removed it. And we have fresh themes! πŸ’° Value You get a whopping 2k responses per month in the subscription plan. That's more than almost any other tool out there. We also have a project plan, because not everyone wants or needs a subscription. That means you pay just once and collect feedback for 8 weeks. Ideal for one-off projects like a new landing page or testing pricing. There a dozens more features that you can find on the website. Also make sure to check the examples page to get some inspiration on all the different ways you can get feedback from your customers. Any feedback (how meta!) is much appreciated! Cheers, Joost
πŸ‘πŸΌ Love it!
Nice work, love the design!