Freakonomics books list ✔️

All books discussed in the Freakonomics podcast in one place

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A comprehensive stack of all the books ever mentioned in the Freakonomics podcast, an ideal addition to your reading list 📚

Yassine BELDI
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  • Nicola Rosenthal
    Nicola RosenthalCMO, Fleep Technologies

    Its all the books in one place!


    Not sure yet

    I've only just looked at this but I already know someone who will love this

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Youghourta Benali
Youghourta BenaliMaker@djug · back-end developer
I am a big fan of freakonomics podcast, I think it is the only podcast that I have listened to all of its episodes (more than 300). what I like more about freekonomics is the quality of the great books they usually discuss in their podcasts, they do even interview their authors sometimes. Since I'm always seeking new good books to read, I've gone ahead and collected all of their books in one easy to use website, not only to fill my own need, but for anyone interested in this great list. If you and me are in the same club, feel free visit and share
Leigh Cooper
Leigh Cooper@ltcooper · I make videos on the internet!
Love that youbtook the time to compile this. Great work!