Fread Unlimited gives you access to all-you-can eat premium news & journalism for just $12 / £10 a month. That’s it. You can read all the premium paywalled news you ever wanted, but didn't want to pay over $2000 for. Never bounce of a paywall again. No limits, no strings, no fuss. Simple.

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Hey Product Hunt! We believe that getting access to a broad range of good quality journalism is essential part of your digital diet. But it’s impossible to do that at a £2000 price point. So, we built Fread Unlimited. It’s like Moviepass or Spotify, but just for paywalled news. You pay £10 / $12 a month, and get a login that gives you access to the major paywalled news / journalism websites. And if you come across some content that isn’t covered by your Fread subscription, with a click of a button we’ll make sure you get access. We’ve had an incredible response so far, with just under 30,000 people signing up for the beta. If you’re keen to try Fread Unlimited out, sign up now! You can use the exclusive product hunt code “GETFREADPH at
@vkon Hey, I didn't use the right code, I used "FREADPH" instead by accident and now i'm at the back of the queue, number 26k. Is this service out yet or what does the code do? I love the idea by the way! I would love to consolidate all my various media subscriptions into one :D
@coconidodev Hi Nicolo! Great to hear that you're excited to use Fread Unlimited! We're really excited to get our product out! The reception has been overwhelming and we're currently onboarding our first sets of users. Both codes FREADPH and GETFREADPH will let you sign up, and we're working hard to get everybody onboarded ASAP. If you're keen to get your hands on Fread Unlimited more quickly you can always use your unique referral code to refer friends. Thanks for the support! :D
Unclear from the site how this works. Are you partnering with these sites directly to provide a lower fee (if so what is their incentive? Wouldn't they be cannibalizing their normal subscription businesses?) or are you going full-on Moviepass and losing money on every subscription?
@shimmb Hey Simon, Great question! Short answer: a bit of both... With our partners, the incentive to participate despite the risk of cannibalisation is mainly due to a lack of engagement from certain demographics. The scale of those disengaged because the price is too high / they want snacking access / subscription friction is orders of magnitude higher than current subscriber bases. There are a few other reasons too. With those publishers we’re working on securing partnerships with, at the moment, yes: we ‘invest’ money per user. Hope that helps!
@vkon only problem i see with this is local or regional newspapers in the UK have paywalls as well, they are owned by the same groups who have paywalls elsewhere. so will you include local/regional?
I'm up voting this because it's great not to have a service that's not attached to google or apple. However, comparing yourself to moviepass my be a mistake as it looks like they are going bankrupt because of poor business planning.
@tostartafire Hey Dan, Yeah that’s true, we’re a bit wary of that association! Thanks for the encouraging words, we hope you like it!
I don’t believe this until I can sign up to the service and use it. I’m today using the app Blendle to read NYT, WSJ et al.
Awesome concept! Any thoughts on adding Business Insider or The Information? Either of those and I am in.