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Thomas Schranz ⛄️ — Co-founder & CEO, Blossom
You might know the problem: You might prefer Whatsapp and Telegram but a handful of other people you know are mainly using Facebook Messenger or Hangouts or Skype. Same with team messaging platforms like Slack and Hipchat. So you run a combination of open tabs and native applications but it feels a bit like the days before Adium and Trillian.

Franz is a quite elegant take on this. One Mac app that unifies them all. The nice thing about Franz is that unlike in other cross-platform messengers like Adium where some features of some platforms only work some of the time Franz is actually using the web based messengers underneath so whenever there is a new sticker pack or a new way to share gifs Franz supports it immediately.
Stefan Malzner — Product Designer
@__tosh Thank you so much for hunting Franz. <3
Ben — Software Engineer @
@__tosh Please open-source this!!!
Alok Jariwala — Product Manager, Mobile
@__tosh it might be great to have a mobile app for it which could be challenging but worth it. I think if you make it paid $2 to $5 orpeople will pay for it 😄 may be more .
Abinash Mohanty — UX Lead @ii5 Global - 1Group
@__tosh Bravo! Awesome creation! Also, are you planning to make this cross platform?
levelsio — Founder of Nomad List
@__tosh Love this! So useful. And such a smart implementation by making it all web!

One thing, could you add auto focus of text field when I cmd-tab into the app?
@__tosh Thank you for putting this together. SO handy when you have people on all the networks.
This is great, thanks for the hunt.
Christian Torres — Yambuu
@__tosh For work is excellent!
Arun Sathiya — Product marketing Freshdesk | Strikebuys
@aaspire @__tosh I second this. Please make an Android app!
Josef Trauner — CPO, Usersnap
This is really just a great product! One small feature request! "Mute all button"
Stefan Malzner — Product Designer
@josef_trauner thank you for your feedback. "Mute all" is something that crosses my mind for quite a while now and I hope I'm able to add a nice solution for that soon.
Inês Silva — Head of Operations & Growth @ RIPE
@josef_trauner Completely agree!
Maxime Pico — MD @ Startup42 accelerator
@smalzner @josef_trauner Up Stefan, this would be super awesome for distracted people like me :D And thank you so much for this (already) amazing product
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