Franz 2.0

Desktop app for Slack, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Messenger

Franz 2.0 is a desktop app that puts messaging services altogether in one place. It can combine apps like WhatsApp, Slack, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, HipChat, Skype and a lot more. You can even use multiple accounts for the Facebook Messenger - mix your business profiles and your private ones if you need to.

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Major new update of Franz: now comes with clients for Windows and Linux (used to be Mac only) as well as support for 6 new messaging platforms (WeChat, Chatwork, Steam, Gitter, Discord, GroupMe). 😍
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@bentossell @__tosh had the same problem...actually I've even started downloading it.
@bentossell, @ricricucit, @__tosh we have now updated our website to reflect our new versioning system. If you are running on 0.9.10 you are already running 2.0 – with the next update this versioning change will be visible within Franz as well. Sorry for confusing you.
@__tosh This is killer. Easy access without flipping between tabs or stand alone apps is a huge convenience. Look forward to customizing notification sounds...
@__tosh How is the data stored for all these API channels?
@imprecision & @smalzner this must be what your resume looks like for Franz 2.0 🙌
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@as_austin @smalzner Heh, thanks! 👍
As usual, if you have any questions about Franz feel free to ask me anything. If you have support requests, please head over and open a new ticket - this way it's much easier for us to track all the requests. happy messaging Stefan
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@smalzner Any future support for VPNs?
@ausonio not directly VPN but we will soon add support for proxy settings.
@smalzner Any plans to make this a W10 universal app? Much prefer apps over full desktop software most of the time...
@robtregaskes we have plans to provide Franz for the Windows Store and Mac AppStore – but there are still some limitations with W10 universal apps we need to look into before we can make a proper estimate.
@smalzner Great! Looking forward to watching progress.... :-)
Add apple imessage please!!!!
@abe_storey agreed! native apple messages on osx inclusion would have me shutting messages and running everything through franz!
@roamlocally @abe_storey we are working on a couple experiments regarding iMessage. I can't promise anything yet but we'll see :)
Been using Franz for a few weeks now - 2 Slack teams, Skype, Messenger and Wechat. Downloading the update now.
Oh wait. Confused. Franz 2.0 is the Windows Linux beta, Franz Mac is still 0.9.10 beta?
@frassmith 0.9.10 on our website is 2.0 – we are currently changing our versioning to show progress in a less confusing way @__tosh was just a bit faster than we were :)
@frassmith That also got me startled a bit. My guess is that if you see WeChat (Gitter etc.) support you are actually having 2.0, even though it says 0.9.1. Not sure though. cc @smalzner
@smalzner @frassmith @__tosh same here...very confusing. not cool.
@originell @frassmith we changed our versioning, internal it's still 0.9.10 = 2.0 our website is now updated to reflect the changes. Sorry for confusing anyone.