Messenger for WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Slack & Hipchat

Desktop Product Golden Kitty 2016

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You might know the problem: You might prefer Whatsapp and Telegram but a handful of other people you know are mainly using Facebook Messenger or Hangouts or Skype. Same with team messaging platforms like Slack and Hipchat. So you run a combination of open tabs and native applications but it feels a bit like the days before Adium and Trillian. Franz is a quite elegant take on this. One Mac app that unifies them all. The nice thing about Franz is that unlike in other cross-platform messengers like Adium where some features of some platforms only work some of the time Franz is actually using the web based messengers underneath so whenever there is a new sticker pack or a new way to share gifs Franz supports it immediately.
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@__tosh Thank you so much for hunting Franz. <3
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@__tosh Please open-source this!!!
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@__tosh it might be great to have a mobile app for it which could be challenging but worth it. I think if you make it paid $2 to $5 orpeople will pay for it 😄 may be more .
@__tosh Bravo! Awesome creation! Also, are you planning to make this cross platform?
@__tosh Love this! So useful. And such a smart implementation by making it all web! One thing, could you add auto focus of text field when I cmd-tab into the app?
This is really just a great product! One small feature request! "Mute all button"
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@josef_trauner thank you for your feedback. "Mute all" is something that crosses my mind for quite a while now and I hope I'm able to add a nice solution for that soon.
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@smalzner @josef_trauner Up Stefan, this would be super awesome for distracted people like me :D And thank you so much for this (already) amazing product
Installed and hooked up Slack, Messenger and Whatsapp. Great experience, straight to the point. Got up and running in no time. Not sure about the icon design. Is it a hipster mustache passing as a bridge? Why not just the mustache and lose the two pillars that look like walrus fangs?
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@pddro +1 for that. much cleaner icon
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@pddro Agreed. After much discerning, I think the "fang" looking things are supposed to be mutton chops.
@pddro quick question.. are you still using Franz for all these? I tried it for a while but switched back to the native apps except for Gmail and Whatsapp
@shoeboxdnb I'm not using Franz anymore. Using native Whatsapp.
@pddro what made you switch? do you use Franz for anything at all?
If you guys could add more screen shots of the app to your site that would be very good.
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Tested the memory footprint is less than using the apps for each in separate. Getting 1gb with Skype, Slack, Hangouts, Whatsapp and Messenger on! Usually the individual apps used 400mb each.
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@themiguelamador haha nice! thanks for testing that 🦄