Brew a more flavorful cup of coffee using vaccum power☕

FrankOne is a new and easy brewing method that helps you make great Coffee and Cold Brew with the power of Vacuum Extraction Technology™

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Is it easy to wash?
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@igityan_hayarpy Hi Igityan! There's a cleaning video we posted on instagram, it's the first Highlight
looks like my cup of ice coffee... Is it battery powered or manual ?
@shakks It's vacuum powered and charges over USB in 2 hours, according to their Kickstarter page.
@shakks Hey Shakks! It has a rechargeable battery which makes 150 coffees before it goes flat.
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Do you deliver to Europe?😎
@ana_topoljski It says on their Kickstarter that they ship anywhere in the world (most Kickstarter projects do), however you will likely need to pay an extra shipping cost on top of whatever amount you decide to pledge. Looking at this Kickstarter campaign, it looks like you would need to pledge $70 in order to receive this item in either black or white, depending on your preference. There is then an additional shipping cost of $8 for shipping to the US, and every other country seems to be an additional $15. So the total pledge amount required as a minimum for shipping to Europe would be $85, which is about £65/73EUR.
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@productpearson thanks for all the information. being a coffee junkie, will def consider ordering it.😎
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@ana_topoljski We do ;) By now we have a lot of backers based in europe!
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For office work this can be solution do not sleep at working time and also looks cool which is pretty good.
@babken_karapetyan you could also keep FrankOne charged right from your computer ;)
Looks like a hot water source is required. How about cleaning? Looks nice.
@rmagrino Hi Robert! There's a cleaning video we posted on instagram, it's the first Highlight