An SMS-based auto concierge to help you find your next car

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I am not too sure this is the right use case for a Chatbot. There are just too many variables when it comes to cars. Maybe a Messenger bot would be an incremental improvement over SMS with the addition of buttons and menus, but even still, I think a web UX with maybe some deal alerts through email/sms would be a better experience in this category than virtual car salesperson. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@joshbarkin i see where you're coming from with that suggestion. Well, I think Frankie's is meant to simply help facilitate the research process of identifying the right car. This can take hours of time from past experience. I do know they also offer a full service concierge that takes care of the whole process for you so it may just be the communication front for a larger service...either way Messenger bot would be incredible for this.
Buying a new car is sort of a big deal. It's a commitment. Your car is a way to express yourself, who you are, and the style in which you enjoy your sense of ultimate freedom. For many of us, including myself, the process of buying a new car has typically been miserable. Once you decide you're in the market for buying a leasing a new car, then the infinite amount of research begins. The visits to dealerships filled with creeps, and the sketchy sales tactics used by your typical car salesman start to really bother you. I think the concept of Frankie's can go quite far starting as an initial point of contact sending deals and updates, being authentic and genuine, for what can evolve into a more intimate and fun experience discovering great deals, and someday getting further into the full-service aspect of it. I think it's a great way to get updates about car deals you simply have no time to search for, and have Frankie as almost as your personal car assistant. Let's see where this goes.