Lend to and borrow money from your friends and family

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Maia Bittner
Maia BittnerHunter@maiab · Co-founder
Helping friends and family with money always seems like it's going to be fine - but people have such different relationships with money that loaning money can often wreck friendships. Frank helps clear up ambiguities and make expectations explicit so that everyone is on the same page. They are also doing some cool stuff with creating little self-insured emergency funds that I think is super interesting.
Brian Roach
Brian Roach@anodigital · DJ / Producer @itsBREX
Pretty cool idea. Would love some help paying down my $160k worth of student loans. 😔
Dabin@dabin1990 · WordMark
Funny name
Zach Garippa
Zach Garippa@zgarippa · Co-Founder & CEO, Negotiatus
Very clever idea. Definitely will try this out.
Bjørn Broby Glavind
Bjørn Broby Glavind@bjorn_broby_glavind
Super great idea. Would love to see this concept become huge - would be a network to really trust!