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Framey lets you find the exact spots from where you can take beautiful pictures when travelling. It can be a new angle for a well-known attraction or a hidden spot. Part of our mission is to guide you through some of the most beautiful hidden spots on earth.
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I feel sorry for the community’s that are victims of these ridiculous Instagram tourists. It’s becoming a big problem here in Europe with massive invasion of privacy issues becoming a real problem.
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@mickc79 Completely agree. Apps/sites like this will likely only exacerbate the problem and may end up completely destroying so many treasured places to be experienced. The affected communities are unfortunately only part of it issue. While I believe everyone should have a chance to see all the incredible places there are to see, it unfortunately comes at an extreme cost to the wildlife and environment as well. So many great locations have been polluted, closed, destroyed, and/or slowly eroding do to the high amounts of traffic, fires, trespassing, drones, and rules as simple as leave-no-trace not being followed, much of which is caused by the desire to 'gram your adventure. It's a tricky issue and with no easy solution. Will people start respecting the environment and following the rules? Should local governments employ more real-time enforcement? Should there be more lotteries? Is there a bubble and will it pop? I can only hope so. @robertpreoteasa I'd ask that if you're going to run a site like this, please be mindful of the impact it has directly to the wildlife, environment, and communities. The problem is very real. Perhaps you can remind your audience of the responsibility that comes with traveling and visiting the outdoors—encourage people to be respectful, follow the rules & laws, and leave no trace behind. I think you have a great opportunity to position your site in a way to educate and encourage responsible travel to "the most beautiful hidden spots on earth." You can find some great messaging and information here:
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@mickc79 @_ryanmack I understand your opinion. However, I fully recommend you to read this report - - which shows that only 12% of the residents think that limiting the number of tourist and only 9% of the residents think that stopping the tourism promotion is the solution to stop "overtourism". People will continue to visit some places no matter what travel apps are launched. I believe it is our mission to be part of a global strategy of tourism redistribution. It is your dream to see Dubrovnik in Croatia? Do it in October, when the weather is still good and you can take some solo beautiful pictures - this way we promote a destination all-year round. Do you love culture? Let us show you a few great churches in Kiev where you can take beautiful pictures and learn part of Ukraine's history and hear some wonderful stories - this way we redistribute the traffic from the very popular attractions. I agree with @_ryanmack about the responsibility that comes with traveling and how to send the message to the users. Thank you both for the feedback.
@_ryanmack @robertpreoteasa Sorry but your report is nonsense. It takes the real problems of individuals and turns them into generic, meaningless statistics. I happen to know an elderly couple who live in a highly “instagrammable” village in England and their lives have been pretty much ruined by narcissistic, selfie-obsessed arseholes taking pictures - literally - on their doorstep. Sometimes hundreds over a weekend. What do you think they would make of your report?
For now I only built the MVP based on WordPress and added 10 destinations. After validating the idea, the product will be developed for Android, iOS and web.
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Great MVP! Love the workflow from discovering a location to searching its coordinates in Google Maps 👍 Would love to see a community aspect to the platform in the future!
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@lachlankirkwood I agree about the community aspect. Thank you for the feedback.
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