Frametastic for Figma

Plugin to easily test your design in different viewports

Easily test your design in different viewports by saving your favorite frame sizes combinations. Use any combination for new frames or for duplicating your current selection.
1. Make your design
2. Add the needed constrains
3. Frametastic will do the rest
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Ismael González
Product Designer with front-end skills.
Hey all, This is Ismael from @cabifydesign, we just made public our very first plugin for Figma: Frametastic! We built Frametastic to easily test a design in different viewports and to save your favorite frame sizes combinations. We came up with this idea when dealing with multiple variations of the same design when creating online campaigns for our acquisition channels. It's painful to deal with multiple sizes combinations and variations for a design, so we decided to built this plugin so we could automate 90% of the process. Hope you can find it as useful as it is for us. Comments and feedback are welcome!
Razin Mustafiz
Co-founder and CEO, D2
Congrats on the launch! We recently started using Figma and ran into this very problem. Sharing with the rest of my team.
This looks very promising! thank you for this beautiful tool!
Varun SatyamManging Partner J10M
Something I would like to use
Gleb Sabirzyanov
Aiming for the impossible!
Congrats on the launch, this is cool! :D