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Want to introduce you Frames for Sketch - carefully crafted components and Sketch best practises combined into a powerful web design system, that will supercharge your design workflow.

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I'm not much for tools or workflows that make Sketch needlessly complex. I think Sketch should be taken for what it is: a simple vectoring tool to design UI with. That said, there is room for plugins that improve your workflow. And I think this might be one of those. It does not complexify the intended use case. If any, it helps you ease in to the proces from going from wireframes to an actual visual design. Which is a good thing. In short: nice work! :)
@karimmaassen I agree. In principal this is pretty neat, but at the 20s mark where the buttons were being edited, it made me want to bang my head against the wall. Not sure I would want to click a dropdown and cycle through 50 different fill options just to change a color.
Looks a lot like the Platfroma Wireframe kit
@itsthisjustin hey Justin, thanks for your feedback, above all you can tell that every blue wireframe looks like the product you mentioned. Frames for Sketch is much more than just pre-designed screens, using it you can transform any layout into a final design in under a couple of minutes using override symbols and shared layer styles, as well as discover useful techniques and generate your own style guide.
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@itsthisjustin +1 And UX Power Tools
product interesting to study the design is simple and convenient
Looks interesting. Has anyone fully integrated this into their workflow? Are you using it to design websites or apps?