Framer X + React

Learn Framer X and React. No coding experience required!

Framer X tips and React fundamentals for designers with no programming experience. Expect the Copy-Paste-Learn™ approach to building micro-interactions and components!

28 lessons totalling 4.5 hours of videos. 50% OFF for you product hunters!

Hey PH! I’m a developer and I love design. I believe designers and developers should both learn a bit about the profession of the other side. Armed with a holistic understanding of how design and engineering fit together to create great products, we will become better designers and better developers. That’s why I started to teach designers React a little over a year ago. Really impressed by designers’ yearn to learn so far! And that is why I’ve become a superfan eating and breathing Framer X since it was announced -- it is not just an innovative design tool. It is the perfect environment for designers (or anyone) to learn React! This course is the result of our intensive work of many late nights and super early mornings over the past two months. It covers Framer X tips, React fundamentals and enough JavaScript for you to be able to build simple (but useful) micro-interactions and components. No programming experience required! But I hope to motivate you to learn more about React and coding in general! I've been trying to teach in a visual and fun way. That's the why for Mr. Skinny the crow (what? It doesn't really look like a crow? Anyway...). When teaching code, I'm using the Copy-Paste-Learn™ approach. It's what most of us have been doing to learn HTML/CSS/JS and I think it's effective! We’ve poured blood, sweat and tears into this course, hope you enjoy it as much as we do creating it! I can’t wait to see what you will create! Happy learning! Linton