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Hello Product Hunt! I'm one of the makers of Framepop. I previously built Eventjoy, but am now working on new projects. We built Framepop because we think framing is a beautiful way to bring to life the high quality photos that live on your phone. Most people have tons of photos on their phone, but typically don't do much with them other than share to social media. By making it easy to print, frame, and even gift the photo, people will have even more options in how they can showcase their creative side. P.S. Framepops are a great gift for the upcoming holiday season :)
Stellar team. Can't wait to see this take off!
@bradvogel Thanks, Brad :) :)
I've been watching @toddg777 develop Framepop over the matter of a few weeks - It's been incredibly impressive seeing how quickly it came together. Definitely going to use it as a Christmas present for my girlfriend. @toddg777 would love to hear more about your process behind developing the app, and your philosophies regarding lifestyle businesses. Would be awesome to see a breakdown of sales numbers in a few months too!
@maccaw Thanks, Alex! Once we had the idea for Framepop, we knew we had to get it out in time for the holiday season. This drove us to focus on building a lightweight experience that only included functionality around our core value prop -- customizing and buying a framed photo from your phone. The secret to our execution shouldn't be that surprising -- I have a great co-founder. We compliment skillsets extremely well, which lets us do many things in parallel. While Eventjoy was venture funded, Framepop could develop to be a lifestyle business. I think lifestyle businesses often get a bad rep, but for me, this is the right path for right now as I'm traveling for most of 2016. I like the idea of sharing sales data -- stay tuned :)
Great idea! Always a pain to print photos by uploading from phone to Dropbox then sending out through Costco and buying a frame at Ikea. Glad there's a gift option, will be good for the upcoming holidays.
@tmzier Thanks, Tristan! I wonder if Ikea makes you build the frame like the rest of their furniture :)
My mums 50th is fast approaching and my brothers and I are all struggling with what to get her... I think she'd really like something like this. For me personally... I have 0 pictures in my apartment - I guess it's just not something that I've taken a massive interest in and I feel like perhaps it takes up quite a bit of time to take pictures worth while. @toddg777 - would love to hear the story behind Framepop? What has taken you from Eventjoy to here? How do you tackle quality of images? I imagine quite a lot can lose their quality once blown up - is there a process where you would go back to the user and warn them?
@bentossell my mom would also love this. cc'ing @shreebobnish
@bentossell Thanks Ben! We built Framepop because we think framing is a beautiful way to bring to life the high quality photos that live on your phone. Since I left Eventjoy, I’ve wanted to work on projects to help me increase my product, growth, and marketing skillsets. I’ll be traveling abroad for most of 2016 so working on a product like Framepop is something I can both use and learn from as I travel. Image quality is key. The app will only let you select photos with a high enough resolution. The newer model iPhones take amazing, high resolution photos so it isn't much of an issue. Beyond that, our framing partner ensures the quality of all prints both before and after printing. If there's an issue, we'll reach out to the customer directly.