Turn your favorite tweets into beautiful framed posters.

FrameMyTweet turns your favorite tweets into beautiful framed posters that you can hang on your wall, rest on a table or give as a cool gift! Available with free shipping worldwide.

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Very clever — but you might want to update your copy to describe this product, rather than ManyLink!
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@chrismessina Cheers... fixed!
I have already ordered on of these but I'm going to again. Such a cool product and gift. I would love to see some collections of ready made frames to choose from as well.
@1realdaniel Thank you! Yep we are working on a curated collection of tweets to be sold along with the custom frames, should be available very soon.
Why do you need my name and email before I'm even allowed to create my own?! Ask for that during checkout after people have already configured it and are ready to buy.
@joshuapinter It's requesting for billing details. This is an MVP, working on a smoother checkout process at the moment.
@justcruize So "Make your own" links directly to the checkout process? Is there no way to pick your tweet, your frame, your size, etc.? I'm thinking something similar to where you visualize your tweet before you buy it.