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Collaborate with your customers the same way you do with your teams.

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Hi all - I’m George, co-founder & CEO of Frame! Big thanks to @chrismessina for the hunt, and I'm incredibly proud to share hard work by @blr246, @dataist, @superstrong, and @mlimotte1. We think B2B companies should be collaborating with customers and partners with the same ease they work with their own teams - in Slack. Frame for Slack is a conversation assistant that bridges freeform chat with customer success process, helping your team manage attention, gain visibility, and synchronize conversations with tools like Zendesk, Salesforce, Asana, Trello, and JIRA. Check out how this has worked over time for our awesome beta customer, Simon Data: Here’s the 3-step quick start: 1) Invite your customer-facing teams to the #frame-feed channel to keep them aware of incoming conversations and let Frame know to assist them privately. 2) Invite @​frame to any channel where you talk to customers. That can include: - Private channels where you invite customers as guest accounts. - Shared Channels that link your Slack to other teams’. - Community channels where your team publicly answers questions. - Internal channels where your team provides support to other teams. 3) Every time you or a customer starts a conversation in one of those channels, Frame will: - Help your team manage attention by publishing a summary in your feed channel, optionally notifying an on-call team, implementing away messages, and more. - Track conversation analytics that give you visibility into your customer's experience and your team’s time from week to week. - Keep data synchronized across tools by pulling profiles from Clearbit or your own CRM, and pushing transcripts and metadata into customer records, tickets, and more. /frame in any customer conversation gives you superpowers! Our launch today showcases free versions of all these features, but Frame is highly configurable (/frame in the feed). We’re excited to see your uses for it! Looking forward to getting your comments here, or in-app by simply direct-messaging @​frame.
Got a chance to try out the beta and I'm really impressed. The Frame team has built a tool to keep B2B communications simple, slick, and right where B2B customers already expect information to be available: Slack. If your customers spend their day in Slack, Frame is an indispensable tool for keeping in touch with them and providing good information quickly and easily.
@andrewtlove Thanks, Andrew! Thanks so much for all your support and feedback during the beta.
Oh yeah, and super cool that you can get started talking to their team just by installing their Slack app.
I manage Integration Engineering and Customer Success at Simon Data, where we've been using Frame as beta customers for several months. I'll keep this quick, since you can read more at the case study ( It's been a great experience! Frame has helped us stay productive and on top of questions while using Slack as the primary communication channel for a growing customer roster. If you're running a success team that needs to coordinate with customers and internal teams, I highly recommend checking out Frame.
With collaboration and customer engagement becoming increasingly important for successful products, is at the forefront of making this happen.
Thanks @jeremy_horn ! "Success-first development" sounds like a pointy-haired-boss buzzword, but after using Frame to support our own customers for the last few months, I can say that having an well-organized, open line of communication helps us move MUCH faster and trust that feedback will help us course correct. I don't think it's a replacement for data-driven decision makers and active hypothesis testing, but it sure helps in squeezing insight from products and features in narrow releases.
Love this and the need you are tackling - pulling in customer feedback through feedback is a longtime need for my team and partners. Thanks for posting the Simon Data case study - congrats on the launch! ✌️
@ctraganos Thanks, Chris! Keeping an open, direct line with our own customers in Slack has enabled way more feedback than we would have gotten otherwise. Hope it gives you a boost.