FRAME is a simple tool for making stop motion animations and composite images using your live camera.

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Oh hey! FRAME is a simple tool for making stop motion animations and composite images using your live camera. You can keep the photos as stills and just use the app to create variations on a theme. Animate them to make simple photo-booth like GIFs or elaborate productions without much hassle and minimal editing. Then just export as a GIF or MP4 video (we see you, fellow insta-nerds!)—no rigs, big cameras, or fancy post-production required. But FRAME did not start out that way. Originally, we (In-House Intl, a creative studio in Austin) wanted to shorten maddeningly long process of photographic a poster-series we had just made. Making sure all the pictures showed up framed in exactly the same way took for-e-ver. We built a prototype (let’s call it pre-FRAME) and had some folks test it. And without prompting, most wanted to know if they could make GIFs. Or montages. A great many more were super into the trail of ‘ghost images’ that the app leaves as the collected record. We started to make an app to solve a problem, but expanded our problem and built on top of the app. This is heresy. We know. But we did it because people who say things like “I’m not a creative” wanted a tool for creation and asked for it without missing a beat. “Yes, and…” is the only possible answer. This first version has lots of room for improvement. Our plan: release, watch and learn. The reason we’re most excited is because we’re hoping that the release of the app is just the beginning of the project. FRAME is a creativity tool that began as a productivity tool. It will still help us take product photos faster, but we’ve decided to keep building it based on the needs and requests that emerge from creative use. We plan to keep up with what people make and tag #tryframe, highlighting interesting content. Finally, this seems like an opportunity to explore something kind of profound; whether the human need to create and connect can override people’s creative inhibitions (and how to flip the switch in a benign way.) **the app is free and now available on the app store (iOS only, for now).
Came back here to say what a great app this is. Really unique and fun design.
Great work @michubenaim ! Proud to see one of my classmates on PH!
@lwesleylittle Oh hey! Thank you Wesley!
This looks like an awesome app. I'd love to see this transition down the rode to a social network where users can share their videos.
@marsden_aaron Hey Aaron! You can save to share to social media, but we will likely build in a direct share at a later date. Appreciate the feedback. :)
Can this be used on an iPod? And when will be the android version out?
@sagar868 The app can be used on both iPhone, certain iPods and iPads. We're releasing an Android version at a later date. :)
@sagar868 on some, yes. No date for Android yet.