Custom frame your photos and digital art on iPhone

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Hi guys! One of the makers here. We created Framafoto to help you hang more happiness in your home. It solved a problem we found when looking for apps to easily frame pictures and digital art. It seemed there were loads of websites but no truly awesome mobile framing apps - so we built this. We spent a lot of time figuring out an intuitive interface to simplify the creative process, and make it more fun. If you’ve every tried using a clunky digital framing interface you know how frustrating it can be, so we hope you’ll enjoy using our nifty little creator module. We also invited designers and artists to curate frame combinations that make it easy for those with analysis paralysis to pick something, load their photo and check out with just a few taps. Pulling in pics from Camera Roll, FB, IG, Dropbox, G Drive and Flickr is easy and our image resolution checker warns you if you’re being too ambitious with your print size. We’re super-excited to share Framafoto with the PH community. Wish we could have launched with Android as well - but that will follow soon. For now, if you have an iPhone and are in the US - we’d love for you to try it out and let us know what you think. Plus we’re offering PH’ers 15% off first purchases with the checkout code PH15OFF. We’re here if you have any questions. Cheers Howard
"Get creative with the most intuitive framing app on the market. Now it’s incredibly easy, and loads more fun, to get your favorite photos or digital art, printed, framed, and delivered in as little as 5 days. FUN AND HASSLE-FREE - Create your own design or pick from curated combinations by designers and artists - Save your frame projects and return later - Use images from your Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, and Google Drive GET CREATIVE - Frame sizes ranging from 5x5” to 20x24” - Modern, high quality frame styles in many colors - Photo grids for framing multiple images in one layout EASY PEASY - Update your home décor right from your phone - Send a personal gift with a few taps - High quality frames starting at $39 and FREE SHIPPING - Delivered in just 5-7 days All frame styles designed in New York and handmade by humans in Ohio."
@faisal_hassanx thanks for hunting us Faisal!
Sweet. Good idea!
@richardjjhayes glad you like it Richard. Hope you have a chance to use it one day :)
Not available on the UK store 🙄
@rtebers Yeah US only for now Rob. Reason being costs and timelines for shipping custom frames internationally are not as much 'fun'. Thanks for letting us know you're interested though, being born in the UK myself, my family have given me similar eye rolls :)
@howardhunt Thanks. Too bad because it looks good!
@howardhunt would be great to see this in international apple app stores (i'm in New Zealand myself). The shipping thing can still be US only - we have a service here in NZ called "YouShop" which gives us a US address for delivery and we just pay a small fee to get it sent here by them. I imagine that UK and other countries will have a similar service.
@mposborne I like the way you think. Funny that people from my two homelands should spring up here. I just spent 3 months in NZ visiting my immediate family (UK being the extended fam these days). I know about YouShop, and we were talking about it over the past few months. I think you've driven home a really great point so as soon as we've finished pouring water through the MVP pipes we'll reprioritize. Thanks for the suggestion mark, great follow on to Rob 👍🏻

The frame I got was fantastic - high quality, perfectly matted, the quality of the photo was perfect.


easy to use