Your images printed in vivid color, directly on glass

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Marco Arment (Overcast, Instapaper, Tumblr) said he got square Fractures of the icons of apps he's worked on. Pretty neat use.
@jonadair Yeah we get a lot of #fracturedapps these days, for which we definitely have Marco to thank! It's neat to have a physical memento for a digital product you helped build.
I've loved Fracture since they launched and our apt is covered in photos of our kids growing up. Lovely way to bring Instagram to life in a tangible way. And the team customer service is top notch.
@jamyn Our Customer Happiness Team is blushing a bit, thanks! Really glad you're enjoying your Fractures!
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My photos are all over my walls, but they're on paper. I wonder what they'd look like on glass... however, I would be slightly afraid of breaking them. Thoughts? P.S. Someone asked about mounting them. Hmmm.
@v4violetta Hey Violeta, the glass is pretty thin and light, and they have a foam backing to them. They're also really easy to mount:
Interesting idea. I wonder if they'll be doing LED back-lit pieces in the future, or toughened safety glass for coffee table surfaces.
@prattarazzi Thanks, Eddie. We do have some cool ideas on the radar for the future! Thanks for mentioning these.