A super simple bot to get information from the FPL website.

Using FplHelpBot, you can get player info like price, availability and fixtures. You can also see teams with the easiest fixtures, suspension warnings and players on pens.
We also have deadline reminders and price change updates with live scores coming soon!
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Hello everybody! My name is Faraz. I work full-time as a frontend developer but I often spend my weekends/free time building a variety of side projects just like this one. I've been playing Fantasy Premier League for the last 8 years and I often spend a lot of time on their website looking for players to pick for my team and then trying to figure out things like which players have the best fixtures and statistics. So a couple of weekends ago, I had an idea to build a bot that would do all this for me so I wouldn't manually have to figure this stuff out. I figured I use Telegram anyway for some of the groups I am in so I could simply build a bot that'd give me the information I need and by doing so, help me build a better team. I tweeted about the bot and shared it with my friends and it gathered some interest so I thought I'd also launch on Product Hunt to see what the community thinks about it. This is my first real PH launch so I am very excited about and looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks. Feel free to throw any questions, feedback and feature requests (some might already be on our roadmap) my way! P.S: For anyone curious, to prepare for the launch, I used: - Preview Hunt to preview what my post would look like. - Screely to create all the screenshots. - Figma to add the explainer text to the screenshots. - And a whole bunch of help and one final push from @aaronoleary that convinced me to finally launch.
Hey @faraz, actually saw this on reddit! Very cool app, I enjoy using it. Glad I can support and hope to see more features come out as soon.
Thank you, Peter!
Discovered this bot through Reddit. It really streamlines and focuses things for me FPL-wise. I usually only need 1-2 things in order to make decisions about players and this helps me pull out just those bits without having to trawl through the piles of numbers and buttons on the main site. Also pretty handy tool in an FPL argument...err converstaion haha
Glad you like it, Saad. Let me know if you have any ideas/suggestions. :)
Amazing work buddy