FPlay Multiplayer Game Pack

A simple, easy and crossplatform contact based games

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I think this app has a lot of potential, but UI is quite important for apps like these. With good help, I'm sure you could come up with something unique, a branding on its own. The games look great and the fact that your app consumes less battery and data is an awesome feature! Wish you all the best!
@cassandra_beaulieu Yes, UI enhancement will be the first step we would be looking into once we get some investment
I think its a cool idea to make it easier to play with friends. I would be curious to know what other games you have planned for the future? Also if a game is going is a third or fourth person allowed to watch the game?
@cmwilson15 we will be starting on with four-in-a-line as next game, followed by checkers, battleships, dots and line. We are also planning to add games which can be played by more than two players, like ludo and snakes and ladder.
Hello from FPlay!! What is FPlay? What does it do? We have come up with an app that lets you play quick competitive games with your friends and family. Regardless of what you are doing, may be travelling or taking short breaks, or maybe you are just looking for a thrill and play on while in meetings or lecture ;) FPlay Gaming platform lets you start quick cross platform games with your contacts, with added feature of very basic and simple chat option. We are currently on two of the major platform iOS and Android :) And after some investment we would like to go across other platforms as well Some advantages of FPlay: 1. FPlay consumes very less battery and data of user. WHY? Server side is based on open source xmpp with major customisation from FPlay team. And all the games as of now are turn based games, so we do not need continuous connection to server :) 2. Many games under a one roof Currently we have started with simple 2 player games, Tic-tac-toe, reversi and book cricket. We will be introducing four-in-a-line, checkers, battleships and we plan to introduce whole range of turned based games :) Things we are looking forward to enhance 1. UI We are working on better user interface, once you start using FPlay you will see there is quite a room for improvement :) 2. Slower in finding friends :( As of our policy we do not store any contact information to our servers from user contacts, which makes finding friends a bit slower. Please let us know what do you think -FPlay team